The Whisper-Ride III is a TV-Lift moving vertically which can be integrated into furniture or wall-mounted.

The Whisper-Ride TV-Lifts are complete solutions, easy to install and to handle, reliable and they are delivered ready to plug in.

The devices are maintenance free and their silent drive guarantees a trouble-free operation.

The Whisper-Ride TV-Lifts are solid constructed and built for a long lifespan. Therefore, we guarantee for 2 years warranty!

As standard, all Whisper-Ride models are delivered with a wired hand switch as well as a radio remote control.


The Whisper-Ride III has a lifting height of 700 mm, therefore it can be used for flat screens with a height of up to 700 mm. It is delivered with a universal monitor-bracket which fits for all common flat screen models (VESA-Standard).


Whisper-Ride III

Art-No. YTV3 

Lifting capacity for continuous operation
peak load max.
65 kg
100 kg
Lifting capacity (max.)
When mounted upside down
29 kg
Lifting height
(suitable for flat screens of up to a height of)
700 mm 
Speed 28 mm/sec. 
Measurements TV-Lift
H x W x D
(lowest position, in mm)
600 x 286 x 72 
Weight 17,0 kg 
Power supply  230 V
Colour black
Lower and upper end-positions
individually adjustable
Collision protection while lowering
incl. Wired hand switch
incl. Radio remote control
Quiet drive
Maintenance-free operation
flat-screen bracket

100x100, 200x100,
200x200, 300x300,
400x100, 400x200,
400x300, 400x400
Warranty 2 years 



Operating the TV-Lift

By activating the remote control, the lift is moving automatically until its end-position. By activating the remote control again while moving, the lift is stopping in the current position - therefore the lift can be stopped in every position.

With the models Whisper-Ride III and IV, the lower and upper end-positions can be additionally adjusted individually, so that the lift is moving only until to this manually adjusted end-positions.
With all Whisper-Ride models one can operate the lift also in the operating mode Impulse-mode, that means to move the lift one of the buttons of the remote control has to be pressed continuously, as soon as one releases the button the lift stops at the current position.

Optional accessory

Frame for TV-Lift Whisper Ride III 
for the floor- or ceiling installation

Art-No. YTVBM3 



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